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What to expect in a Fitbod trainer

we know our stuff

Fitbod trainers are FITNESS NSW qualified and insured professionals with a vested interest in learning, evolving and transferring knowledge to you.

we're ready to help you                                              we're people people                                

whether it's to                                                             we're your all-in-one
manage weight                                                   motivating
gain muscle                                                       passionate
train for sport, or                                                 perceptive
rehabilitate an injury                                          empathetic
                                                                                      goal-driven fitness guide / conscience / friend
                                                                                              ... and we listen
Because you have a challenge - our challenge is you

Fitbod personal trainers work closely with you getting to know YOU, your behaviours, limitations and expections, especially as they change.

through doing so, the fitbod personal trainer will systematically address all factors that will have a direct impact on the way you look, feel and function.

Meet our Trainers:

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Jessica N Daniel  


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