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"I met Suzy in 2003. Personal training and nutrition advice coupled with the constant encouragement and support of Suzy within 8 months reduced my weight by 28kgs & lost 33% body fat. I have never felt so fit and healthy in my life.
Meeting Suzy and being helped by a Personal trainer of her high standard changed my life. I have learnt so much, now have a passion for fitness that has been maintained by the ongoing support and encouragement of the FITBOD team."

37yrs Child care worker & Mother of 3 boys

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     BEFORE                                                 AFTER 28kgs lighter

"I have found FITBOD to be a refreshing business to be involved with. I heard about FITBOD and in particular the work of Suzy in the local community through referral. Suzy is very forthright, honest and professional – personality virtues that are often not found in business, but much appreciated."

"Our women’s exercise group use the FITBOD mobile gym and they are constantly bringing new members of friends and family with them. The mobile gym has been such a fantastic draw card for this fitness class that we now need to offer a 2nd weekly class for local women. I highly recommend FITBOD to everyone as the personal service of Suzy and the team & mobile facility are second to none."

Veronica Langley
Community Outreach Worker

Suzy and the Fitbod team have been kind enough to extend their services to Riverstone High School over the past two years. Our students have participated in circuit training sessions using the mobile gymnasium and a variation of other activities. This provides our students with an opportunity to use equipment and participate in fitness activities that they really enjoy, while getting a solid workout. The professional approach by Suzy and her staff has ensured that Fitbod has become a regular fixture on our School calendar. Some students have commented below:

“The session was excellent”. Jamie.
“I thoroughly enjoyed it”. Scott
“I liked the different activities and exercises we had to do. I also liked that it was different”.  Jasmine.

I would strongly recommend the services of Fitbod to anyone who enjoys working out in a fun and relaxed environment!

Darren Lang
PDHPE Teacher
Riverstone High School

"I train with my fiancé weekly with Dan. We both have different needs however Dan ensures that all our individual needs are meet training us together. Dan has thought us not only to enjoy the outdoors in a carefree childlike manner kind of like recapturing our youth, but he has also educated us on a healthier lifestyle and nutritional values. We have had amazing results with a few minor changes.

I would recommend fitbod to anyone. It’s outdoors therefore there is no pressure of the gym (no stick like figures whilst you puff and pant).There is also as mentioned about a childlike quality to the out doors it is amazing how much you enjoy playing Frisbee, soccer etc. all these childlike actives far removed from the corporate world getting fit is actually fun!!! It is not just robotic movements on machines with a 20min time frame. Also as it is outdoors it is a lifestyle you can maintain."

L. Moynihan - Woollarha

"I thought I would take this opportunity to say how impressed I am with the level of service I have received from you and my trainer.

Since it has been such a long time since I exercised it was a little apprehensive to start again. But we all know, no pain no gain!

My first session was ideally suited to someone like me, and showed me the basics and we have started to build on that. My trainer demonstrated to me how to do the exercises properly and to get the most out of our time together.

In a customer centric business where the simple things are often overlooked I was very impressed with my trainers attention to detail and designing the best workout to suit me.

I have no hesitation recommending you and your trainers to all my friends.

I now look forward to my early starts and can't wait to be fit and healthy for summer!

C. Chung - Sydney

"When I started with Fitbod, I had never used a personal trainer before and was honestly a little intimidated. I think I’d just seen too many bootcamp shows on tv and was worried I wouldn’t cope.

Well Suzy put me at ease and managed to get my goals and hopes out of me straight away and worked out a program that I could do with her, and on the days I was by myself too.

She was fantastic and I never felt better, more energised or healthier than  after training with Suzy! Highly recommended!!"

D. Kilmister - Werrington NSW

Trainer: I first decided to look into using a personal trainer because I could not get motivated to exercise but I wanted to make some drastic changes to the way I looked.  Since I started with Fitbod I have seen my trainer Dan twice a week. I was not really sure what to expect but at my first training session we talked about what I wanted to achieve and since then Dan has provided me with training that is both challenging and fun and is helping me reach my goals.

With Dan’s help I found the motivation to get fit and healthy and now exercise everyday.  He has given me some great advice that I will be able to use for years to come. Dan is an excellent trainer and I can’t thank him enough for what he has helped me achieve.

FITBOD: Phoning Fitbod was probably the best thing I did for myself this year. When I think about what my lifestyle was like 6 months ago I really can’t believe how much exercise I now fit into my daily life and how much I enjoy doing it. When I started back in August I weighed in at 76 kg now in December I am 64kg’s...I have lost about 12 kg altogether! I would not hesitate in recommending Fitbod to anyone. 

C. Young - Dulwich Hill

I have been a regular at the gym for many years and for some time had felt as though I was not really achieving anything. 

From day one my FITBOD trainer has given me an extremely high standard of support and attention.  

We are working together to fine tune my diet and improve my running.

She motivates me to achieve the results I want and offers continuous encouragement. 

Basically, I love my sessions, you motivate me and support me and that support continues even after the workout is finished, Thank you Suzy. 


Suzy is fantastic.  We have only been to 2 sessions but we have so far found her to be extremely helpful and has targeted our needs from the word go.  She motivates us to do better.  Thanks Suzy – will let you know more towards the end.


“It is with pleasure that Gary and I recommend the exemplary Personal Training services of Lia ; we would also like to mention that Lia's character is the main reason we were so successful reaching our personal goals.

Lia possesses an infectious nature due to her unwavering enthusiasm. This little lady is dogmatic in her determination to reach her clients goals and we are living testament to her effectiveness. Gary & I continue to engage Lia to keep us on track with our lifestyle change. Lia practices what she preaches and is very knowledgeable on what is actually required to make a difference to your energy levels as well as getting the most out of the exercise regime to tone up all over.

We have no hesitation in recommending this little dynamo Lia to get back to shape & on the right track”.

Gary & Teresa Ticehurst

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