FITBOD Privacy Policy

FITBOD Pty Ltd considers a high level of customer service to be paramount. Our commitment to customer service also extends to protecting your privacy. Your personal information held by FITBOD which may include your name, date of birth, current address, credit card details, phone number, health, medical and exercise history and assessment results.

If you choose to with hold your personal information, the fitness services you require may be compromised and the high level of service FITBOD provides may not be evident.
FITBOD’s collection of your personal information, directly from you over the phone, via completing our online internet forms, your faxes and new client sign up forms we use this information to;

Provide, administer and bill the services you require

Inform you of new services

Market to you other services, which we consider that may be of interest to you

Conduct research and to develop new services

If you do not wish us to contact you either by email, phone or mail please advise us via email on

Information stored on our computers is protected against unauthorized access and misuse by the system design, security access policies and procedures. If you require any further information concerning our privacy policy in compliance with the Privacy Amendments (Private Sector) Act 2000 please email us at

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