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What is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist?

The term “Exercise Physiologist” describes professionals from within the field of exercise science who have specialised into either health and fitness or exercise rehabilitation streams.

An Exercise Physiologist matches the immediate aspirations and needs of the client with appropriate exercise interventions, and develops strategies which promote and assist in interventions being undertaken regularly for a prolonged period of time.

An Exercise Physiologist is ideally suited to providing professional services in the area of exercise as a treatment strategy in physical rehabilitation, as a preventative strategy for disease prevention, and work hardening as part of establishing and sustaining functional independence.

AAESS has developed clear skills and competencies for Exercise Physiologists.


1. Exercise Physiology Practice is an allied health science provided by an Exercise Physiologist

2. An Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP) is an allied health professional capable of meeting stringent accreditation criteria determined by the Australian Association for Exercise and Sports Science. (AAESS)

3. The profession of Exercise Physiology is dynamic in nature and through evidence based research is continuing to define the true breath and scope of work responsive to the changing needs of the health system, as well as proactively seeking innovative approaches to find solutions.

4. AAESS defines the domain of an EP as matching the immediate aspirations, needs and health status of the client with appropriate exercise and health interventions, and developing behavioural strategies which promote and assist in interventions being undertaken regularly for a prolonged period of time.

5. The scope of exercise physiology practice is primarily based on the applied sciences of exercise physiology, biomechanics, kinesiology, functional anatomy, motor control and behavioural psychology as applied to exercise, exercise rehabilitation, physical activity, health and well-being.

Australian Association for Exercise and Sports Science



Notwithstanding all other goals of AAESS, the responsibility of members for the welfare, health and safety of their clients and the community at large shall at all times be paramount. To this end, members should abide by this code of ethics in deciding: the standards by which they determine the propriety of their conduct, the relationships with colleagues, with allied professionals, with the public, and with all persons with whom a professional relationship has been established. These dimensions of conduct should be addressed by members:


Members should maintain high professional standards of client service:

(a) service should be based upon the best scientific information and professional practice currently available;

(b) members should be committed to, and involved in furthering their knowledge, skills and competencies through continuing education.


Clients should not be subjected to undue risk prior to; during and following exercise prescribed by members.

(a) members should ensure that clients are aware of the risks associated with exercise through the process of informed consent, and aware of their clients rights to withdraw from such interaction without penalty (at any time);

(b) members should provide instruction and education which minimises the risk of injury, and maximises the benefits from their interaction;

(c) members should ensure that, in the case of injury, treatment and appropriate care are available to clients;

(d) members should ensure that in the conduct of experimentation, procedures conform to principles enunciated by:

(i) the NH & MRC
(ii) those of the administering institution.


The Association has a responsibility to protect the public from members who do not demonstrate professional competence, or behave in an unethical manner.

Individual members should strive to enhance the effectiveness of and the standing of AAESS as well as respect the confidential nature of their relationships with clients.

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