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FITBOD Kidz is a school-based fitness & nutrition program:


Australia is fast becoming an increasingly obese and unwell nation, and our children are becoming the worst part of this statistic. FITBOD believes it is important to offer all people a range of options for achieving well being.

Fitbod Kidz is a program designed to assist class teachers in covering the PDH/PE strands of:
Active Lifestyle
Games & Sport
Personal Health Choices

Why promote physical activity amongst children?

Almost 1 in 5 Australian children are overweight or obese.
Physical activity behaviour patterns are established early in life.
ACTIVE kids become ACTIVE adults.
Development of children’s hearts, lungs, muscles & bones.
Improve self-esteem, concentration in the classroom and stress management
Learn the how to exercise & why it’s important.

What does Fitbod Kids offer?

Learn about health, fitness & nutrition
A fun, safe and interactive environment
Educate students on the importance of health and well-being for everyday life.
8 week programs (1 session per class per week)
Program titles include “Active Living”, “Games & Sport” and “Personal Health Choices”
Fun & interactive lessons conducted by accredited Fitness New South Wales Fitness Leaders
Certificate for each student upon completion of the program

Our Programs Include:

1 Active Living
Practical & Theoretical Based Learning

Physical Assessments
Obstacle courses
Movement to music
Certificate upon completion of program

2 Personal Helth Hoices
Practical & Theoretical Based Learning

Physical Assessments
Informed Decision Making skills
Health Services & products
Drug use information
Environmental Health
Preventive Measures
Certificate upon completion of program

3 Games & Sports
Practical Based Learning

Physical Assessments
Ball Games
Skill Development
Certificate upon completion of program

8-week educational programs 1 session per class, per week.

Fitness assessments for each student at start & end of the program.

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