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    Group Fitness

FITBOD trainers will individualize the session to accommodate the needs and goals of all participants.
Share the cost and multiply the motivation, support & fun.

  • Circuit                                                                               
  • Boxing Punch Pad & Kick Pad
  • Walking / Running
  • Flexibility / Pilates
  • Core Strengthening
  • Agility
  • Sports Conditioning
  • Own Body weight exercises
  • Interval Training     
  •     rushcutters bay park

               We currently run classes at 3 convenient locations:

    Rushcutters Bay ParkMeets beside New Beach Rd before yacht club.

       Dover Heights Meets at Dudley Page Reserve Park.

       Centennial Park Meets near playground beside café.



                  timetable complete

NOTE: Early morning 6:00am classes start at 6:30am during winter.
CALL Call 0419 421 955



         how much?

Group personal training only $135.00 per month gives you unlimited Group personal training sessions for a whole month! You can train twice a day up to 12 times a week if you like? You will have access to over 20 sessions p/w thats a whooping 80 personal trainer supervised sessions per month! All for only$135.00

NOW HERE Mobile Outdoor Gym for groups of 10+ participants.


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